Personal Spice Blends Where YOU Bring The Heat

With My Little Inferno, the key to flavor is in your hands! You build the spice blends and we deliver them. All of our spices are hand-blended and go well with any and all foods. Some recommended uses are on eggs, pizza, rice dishes, soups, and basically anything bland. You can even use them as steak rubs!  


6 Easy Steps To Your Own Blend 

1. Choose a base pepper

2. Choose a heat level

3. Choose a salt level

4. Choose a flavor level

5. Choose a size

6. And enjoy!

Over 300

possible combinations!

Begin Step One: Choose a Base Pepper

He5% of every sale goes toward providing meals to people affected by natural disasters through the inspirational chef José Andrés' nonprofit, World Central Kitchen.\1


Andrew Sonneborn, Founder and CEO of My Little Inferno

I'm Andrew Sonneborn, the founder and CEO of My Little Inferno. My love of spicy food began when I was four years old and accidentally ate a raw jalapeño, and I have never looked back. I experimented with eating spicier and spicier foods, challenging friends and family to join me. Although I enjoyed the spices and sauces I added to nearly everything I ate, I dreamed of creating something even better. For me, there was never enough flavor, never enough heat, and no opportunity for customization. Now a student at St. Albans School in Washington, D.C., I decided to address this by creating my own company. I hope that you will enjoy the spice blends that you create — and use them as much as I do!